Lessing’s has been in the food service and hospitality business for over 120 years. Our business is successful because we believe in using the best products and brands. Our standards are second to none when it comes to quality.

Lessing’s Adheres to the following grading requirements for all graded cuts:

  • Beef, Lamb, and Veal shall be USDA Grade Choice
  • Pork shall be USDA #1
  • Poultry shall be USDA Grade A.This applies to all fresh and frozen poultry.
  • Provisions or variety meats shall be USDA Grade #1.
  • Fresh fish and seafood shall be top grade; frozen fish and seafood must be a nationally distributed brand, packed under continuous inspection of the U.S. Department of the interior.

Dairy Products:

  • Eggs-fresh USDA or stated “AA”
  • Butter-USDA Grade “AA” 92 score
  • Cheese - USDA Grade “A” for all grated cheese
  • Milk and milk products-USDA Grade “A”
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables-USDA fancy to USDA number “1” are used for all graded fresh vegetables and fruit
  • Dry stored items and canned goods-Grade “A” fancy
  • Frozen Fruits and Vegetables-USDA Grade “A”


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